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Melville to Deliver £2.7m Improvement Programme

New kitchen255 Melville households are to receive new kitchens over the next 12 months as part of a major £2.7 million investment programme, one of the largest upgrades to tenants’ homes in recent years.

This latest phase in Melville’s kitchen replacement drive means that over a three year period ending on 31 March 2019, more than a third of all Melville properties will have had new kitchens fitted.

As well as kitchen upgrades, which will focus on Mayfield and Poltonhall in Midlothian and Forth in South Lanarkshire, this year’s investment will also pay for 70 new bathrooms, 95 new heating systems and 50 replacement roofs.

“Improving existing homes is our top priority,” said Melville Chief Executive Andrew Noble. “Over the past two years we have replaced almost 500 older kitchens and by the end of the coming financial year this figure will have risen to over 700. That’s a massive investment and a huge amount of work by our Property Services team and by the kitchen fitters, both of whom deserve a great deal of credit. Tenant feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far and I have every confidence this will continue over the next 12 months.”

Details of Melville’s 2018/19 planned maintenance programme are currently being finalised. All Melville tenants due a home upgrade will be contacted closer to the time.

Further details on the £2.7m investment programme:

  • 255 new kitchens will be spread across Mayfield, Poltonhall and Forth in South Lanarkshire
  • Most of the 70 new bathrooms will be fitted in Penicuik
  • 95 new heating systems will be spread across all stock
  • 50 roofs will be replaced, primarily in Mayfield

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