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Holding Spare Keys

Novus door repairDo you want us to hold a spare set of house keys for you? This is a new service that we're already offering to tenants when they sign up and could result in both you, and Melville, saving hundreds of pounds over the life of your tenancy.

If we hold a spare set of keys (that are kept securely in Melville's office) it means that if you lose your keys you can come to us to let you in, rather than paying more than £100 (potentially) for a lock smith. It would also save you money should we ever need to force entry to your property, to carry out a gas service or alarm test for instance.

The service is entirely optional, no one has to give us a set of keys, but if you would like to, or want to find out more, send us a message or contact Property Services on 0131 654 2733 (option 2).

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