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Removing Old CO Detectors

CO detector fittingThe dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) gas are well known and every Melville property has a CO detector fitted. We test these regularly as it’s extremely important that they are working at all times.

In recent years we’ve been replacing older hard-wired detectors with modern battery-powered monitors. This work is carried out on our behalf by electricians from RB Grant. In normal circumstances the electrician won’t remove the old detector because of the inconvenience it can cause including damage to paintwork or wallpaper.

This is the way we’ve always done things, however in recent months we’ve had tenants get in touch to ask about their old detectors and why they’ve been left behind. If you would like us to remove your old, disconnected devices we can arrange for this to be done free of charge, however you will be responsible for any redecorating once the old detector has been removed.

If you’d like this done, or if you have any concerns about your CO detector or would like us to show you how to test it, get in touch.

Why are CO detectors so important?

Sometimes known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide has no colour, taste or smell, but is highly poisonous and often affects people while they’re sleeping. It can be produced by any appliance that burns gas, wood, oil or coal. Carbon monoxide can kill or cause permanent damage to your health.

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